Projects, Exhibitions and Events

Sessions can be arranged on request: 

Fun classes : Pairs Portraiture, Drawing, casting 

Practical classes: Stone carving, casting, mould making, metal work, ceramic, drawing      

Private commissions works  

Body castings 



Portrait fun: Private event where couples were invited to make their other half's portrait in a fun and relaxed way, sharing skills and tips throughout. 

Private portrait fun ,2021@Clifton Hall Great House
The Objective is Objectus,10 September2017@Botanic Gardens

Culmination of work made during a work experience residency in Pietrasanta, Italy. Learning the lost wax method of casting metal in Fonderia Mariani specialising in bronze and the reductive stone process of stone in Studio Stagetti concentrating on marble. The  pieces made were taken back to Scotland and shown in my first solo exhibition of my work.    


Glasgow School of Art's Mackintosh building went on fire for a second time on 14th of  June 2018 two months before our year group's masters degree show. This prevented us access to workshops for 5 weeks as a result we wanted to give ourselves the opportunity to show our ideas, without fire related issues. We fundraised and this exhibition was the result.  


This was an exhibition that I applied to be part of because it's main theme was "play" which is a key word in my work and I was lucky enough to be selected and show my work with other artists who used similar themes such as Rory Laycock, Ambrin Howell  Joe Hancock. Thursday 18th of July was a public  Q&A session which was really exciting to be part of.   

Masters Degree Show, 1-12 September2018@ Trongate, Glasgow

Our masters degree show will forever be associate with the second Mackintosh fire. The unique Tontine building was used to show the work and huge support was shown by the general public in response to the situation. It was a great experience to be part of as I was the representative of all 'master's students' in the school of fine art. This lead to the head of the school of fine art 'Alistair Paine' participate against the director the school 'tom Innes' in what can only be described as an extraordinary encounter.