Hello, I'm GianPiero Franchi 

Bronze coconut on 'Coral Stone'
Three birds screen print
'Coral Stone project: shapes to spaces
Developing aluminium casting with wooden moulds, Hades
Original drawings of movement creating negative shapes
Mischief or life skill: pinging an elastic band
Private Commission on permanent display in Glasgow, Ingram street
Private commission on permanent display in the Royal Scot's Club, Edinburgh
'Coral Stone' experimentation, Barbados
Objectus #1
Couples portrait event
Welding in legge studio's
The 'Y' developments
Objectus #10
In the studio in Clifton Hall Great House
Poured Aluminium
Mischief or life skill: Pinging Blu Tack with a cocktail stick
Presenting the Princess Royal a individual Royal Scot solider
Portrait classes made diffrent
Cast arm
Where do the ripples end
Self portrait, Bronze
Pouring metal at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
Objectus #5
Degree Show GSA
Two performers were hidden within the piece!
Work in progress
Pinging blu tack with a cocktail stick on display in Manchester.
Where do the ripples end
Private Commission: The modern solider
Touch Tour for those unable to see sculpture can still be felt.
RELAY Exhibitions
Objectus #3
Objectus #2
Rona the communist
In Studio Stagetti
legge studio's
Touch Tour
Prague final exhibition
Screen print exploration
Object #8
Objectus #4
In discussion with Lord Forbes
Punctuation of our generation
Manifest art festival
Pinging elastic bands
Vs the Gallery series
Vs the gallery series
I Don't Know
The Identity of Acqua,2015
Prague's famous sculptor reconstructed