These are the works currently available in Barbados.  

The Dragon Fly and the Swimming Pool: Coral Stone, Bronze Mahogany Pod £2670.88 

The Moth and the Lamp: Coral Stone, Silver Baobab seed, £2837.81

The Lie Low and the Bumble Bee: Coral Stone, Bronze Breadfruit, £2503.95

The Sharon Rose and the Dance Floor: Coral Stone, Silver Coconut, £3422.07

The Pigeon and the Roof: Coral Stone, Aluminium Palm Seed, £2587.41

The Spider and the Doorframe: Coral Stone Aluminium Mahogany pod, £3004.74

There are six new Coral Stone Sculptures available in the Uk however the official photography and seed placement has yet to take place. This could mean you could select your seed if you wish and choose its location on the sculpture within the negative space.  


Prices start at £1,900