Paul Owens at the Beach House
Bronze coconut on 'Coral Stone'
Three birds screen print
'Coral Stone project: shapes to spaces
Coral Stone
Coral Stone
Original drawings of movement creating negative shapes
Coral Stone
Mischief or life skill: pinging an elastic band
Private Commission on permanent display in Glasgow, Ingram street
Private commission on permanent display in the Royal Scot's Club, Edinburgh
Coral Sone
Objectus #1
'Coral Stone' experimentation, Barbados
Couples portrait event
Welding in legge studio's
Self Portrait Bronze
Developing aluminium casting with wooden moulds
In the studio in Clifton Hall Great House
Poured Aluminium
Mischief or life skill: Pinging Blu Tack with a cocktail stick
Presenting the Princess Royal a individual Royal Scot solider
Holding of a pencil
can skipping stones be sculpture
The 'Y' developments
Casting metal at ESW
Portrait classes made diffrent
Tug of war of heart rates
Masters Degree show
Working progress
Air Gallery Opening
Where do the ripples end
Royal Scot
Imagine how you see
Rona the Communist
Studio Stagetti
London Studio
sculpture can be felt not just seen
In Discussion
Final touches on the screen prints
In discussion with Lord Forbes
I know
All Play No work
Elastic Bands first edition
Undergraduate Degree show, this work was banned from the viewers.
I Don't Know
The Identity of Acqua,2015
Degree Show RGU
Collecting water from the Don
final piece for the Erasmus exhibition in Prague
Palm hats project
Steel or synthetic, 2013