You, the Ball and the Trampoline Vs the Gallery,2015

Degree Show Exhibition in Grays School of Art.

Second work in the "Vs the Gallery" series  which looks to play with the notion that activity and sport are not shown in the right way in many galleries across the world, hence the "Vs the Gallery" title.

The work commands a great presence and acts as a platform for the viewer to become part of the work. For the work to operate the viewer is a vital component. The viewer was encouraged to pick up the ball and place it in the centre of the platform. The viewer then has the choice whether or not to push a button. If pushed an explosion of sound and air blasts the light weight ball to hit a 14 foot trampoline suspended above before coming to rest, where the process can start again.   

 "Activity generally is movement so how can a moving thing be conveyed in a static object" says the artist. 

The Reel, the Ball and the Wheel Vs the Gallery

CXXX Exhibition, Peacocks Visual Arts

The First in the series which looks to bring sport into the gallery space. The work relies on the viewer to interact with the work, to enable it to become a visual action. The viewer was encouraged through rumor to press the black sensor on the floor. This activated the reel to start to spin in a rhythmic fashion. On closer inspection the line attached to the wheel above was also spinning the line eventually lowered a hooked miniature ball to near ground level before returning to its original position for the process to start again.

"The way viewers interact with the work really interests me, as everyone responds differently"

Somthing or nothing Vs the Gallery

To be Confirmed

Intended to be the last in the Series . Currently being worked upon and will be looking for an opportunity to show the work in the coming months. So keep your eyes peeled for the event.

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"Vs the Gallery" series